Copper & Print is an art and stationery business run by Mary-Kate Parkhurst out of her home studio in North Attleboro, MA. She creates greeting cards, art prints, and more in bold and often colorful palettes, using their artwork as an outlet for continual creativity.
After graduating with a BFA in Studio Art with a focus in Printmaking from Emmanuel College in 2018, Mary-Kate struggled to find her place in a post academic art world. When March 2020 took away traditional artmaking resources, she focused on the medium that combined all of her skills and could adapt to any situation: digital illustration.
Digital artwork is a vast creative territory and it has allowed C&P to become a home for constant artistic growth. Mary-Kate depicts whatever crosses her path in a style that suits the moment. Subjects in both greeting cards and art prints commonly include people, plants, animals, and scenery that come together in bright and vibrant illustrations.
Copper & Print can be found every week at markets around Massachusetts such as SoWa, New England Open Markets, Greenway Artisan Market, and more. Starting in 2021, Copper & Print opened a wholesale line of greeting cards and art prints that can now be found in select stores up and down the east coast.