Get to Know Copper & Print

Bridging Tradition and Modernity.

Copper & Print is an art and stationery business run by me, Mary-Kate Reis, out of my home studio in North Attleboro, MA. I specialize in creating greeting cards, art prints, and more, infusing bold and often colorful palettes into each piece.
At Copper & Print, I believe in the seamless fusion of traditional and modern art-making practices. My journey begins with my introduction to copper plate intaglio, a form of printmaking that captivated my creative spirit in 2013 and laid the foundation for my artistic career. I decided to go to college to further pursue art, exploring various forms, yet printmaking, and more specifically monotypes, always remained my favorite.
After graduating with a BFA in Studio Art with a focus in Printmaking from Emmanuel College in 2018, I faced challenges in finding my place in the post-academic art world. While I remained dedicated to my printmaking art practice, I found myself intrigued by modern methods of illustrating. However, when March 2020 disrupted my traditional artmaking resources, I pivoted to a medium that combined all my skills and could adapt to any situation: digital illustration. After slowly teaching myself a new skill, undertaking small commissions, and building my portfolio, I started Copper & Print
The Copper Connection:
Copper, to me, is more than just a metal; it symbolizes the inception of my creative journey. The comforting dichotomy of flexible copper plates coexisting with their inherent rigidity reassured me that two opposite qualities could exist together. This concept reflects how I could transfer my skills from printmaking and apply them to my current pursuit of digital illustration.
The Universality of Print:
The word “print” transcends the conventional boundaries of an art medium. It's an adjective, a verb, and a noun, all in one. It perfectly encapsulates the essence of my current artistic practice. As a shapeshifter in the art realm, my work evolves and transforms with every stroke and impression, creating a dynamic and ever-changing visual narrative.
My Shapeshifting Practice:
At Copper & Print, I embrace the role of a shapeshifter in the art world. My current artistic practice allows me to fluidly move between traditional and contemporary styles, adapting to the ever-shifting landscape of creative expression. I love the freedom to be fluid and rigid, traditional and modern, an artist and a businesswoman. 
Simply put, Copper & Print is the representation of my artistic values. This journey has led me to markets nearly every weekend of the year throughout Boston, helped me establish a wholesale line in over 15 stores nationwide, and provided a creative space for my art to flourish!